Technotricky Cyber Secure

A training package to give you a protecting sheild in cyber space.


Technotricky Cyber Secure is a learning package which is specially crafted to deal with the real life incidents of cyber world happening everyday with young kids and teens. This gives school going students a safer online virtual world to play. Children use many social media sites and apps, often ones where they can share information with others including the person they don’t even know. Because If children use the internet without safety awareness, they may fall prey to illegal activity or abuse such as cyber bullying, fraud or something even more serious like the blue whale games that ends after taking your child’s life. Hence, awareness of internet safety norms is mandatory to make children free to explore knowledge without feeling intimidated.


Student of standard VIII and onwards.

Challenges for us

There are so much benefits of being online but being online also contains some risk and this risk is maximum in case of teens or kids. There are so many online threats that is specially targeted for kids and teens. The increasing graph of Internet use by children alone increases the possibility of using it inappropriately or in dangerous ways. We as a parent are enabling our children to have online access without knowing the fact, that there Children’s Uses the Internet Other Than for Homework or Schoolwork. Almost three in four kids have been given a cell phone, about two in four have access to a tablet and close to half have a computer in their bedroom. As a result, almost all children say they can and do use the Internet without parents watching them. This is often done on their phone when not at home, at a friend's house or even when they are at home. They are using the Internet in a way that as a parent you would not approve. Children use many social media sites and apps, often ones where they can share information with others including, potentially, strangers. Most of the games like Blue whale are there on the internet waiting for the children to download and play which is dangerous.

What we do.

We are here to train young minds to understand the various aspects of internet and to make these young minds to be a secure digital citizen of India. This training suit aims to give them all the skills needed to protect them online. Students will get Cyber grooming with future scope in choosing cyber security as a career. Tech based training for young mind is designed according to the guidelines of industry best practitioner to make it a “education with entertainment” training experience called edutainment.

Our Course Contents

Cyber Ethics

Cyberbullying and Cyberharrassment

Social Networks Safety

Whatsapp Hacking

Tracing online Predators

Demo Technotricky Tools

Technotricky- An eye on virtual world