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About Course

You will know the dark secrets of internet. What happens when you connect to the internet? How the cyber criminals target you. How they Hack You, and you will be learning some ways to hack the systems for good just to protect yourself. Because if you know how the things works in the cyber space, they cannot be smarter enough to trap you.

  • You will come to know about various career options in this field.
  • Because India needs more than 3 Million cyber security professionals.
  • Get ready to be the change and help in creating our own Indian cyber crime warriors

Technotricky Lets Hack series

The Aim of this series to make you aware form Dark side of cyberspace and to prepare in the field of Information Security domain with all the required skills you need at your workplace.

Level 1

Level 1 is aimed toward those people who don't Have Technical Background ,and aware them form Dark side of cyberspace. This is the first level of Let's Hack series which is essential for level 2 course eligiblity.

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Level 2

Level 2 is advance version of Level 1 in which you will be using the real tools used by cyber security professionals ,in this level you will be having hand on experience about real life hacking scenario that is going on the virtual world.

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Let's Hack 2.0

Let's Hack Level 2

In this Course you'll learn about Hacking and different types of hacking and learn to test the security loopholes and also this course teaches you on hacking social media and Instagram accounts. There are limitless possibilities with this course. This can also bring better changes in your career.

Level 2 Highlights

    Introduction to Penetration Testing and Bug Bounty?
    Hacking Terminology (Terms, GitHub).
    Installation of Hacking Lab on your device?
    Linux Commands, Package Installation
    Become Anonymous, hide your identity, Protect your privacy.
    Advance phishing techniques using tools
    Session Hijacking
    E-mail Spoofing (Send Emails from any email id)
    OWASP TOP 10 and Website Hacking
    Advance Hacking Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp
    Remote Access Trojan in Depth

Course Outcome

You will know the right way to complete your journey in penetration testing. In this course, you will learn all about ethical hacking and penetration testing. You’ll get the best of both worlds - you’ll be able to live out your dream of becoming a hacker while not doing anything illegal that could get you fined or - even worse - locked behind bars. But in order to learn how to hack, you must first know what is ethical hacking and penetration testing. You will come to know about various career options in this field. Because India needs more than 1 Million cyber security professionals. So many vacant places are there

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Meet Trainer
Abhishek Sinha(Cyber Crime Investigator)

  • 01 Who is Abhishek Sinha?

    Abhishek is the Founder of Technotricky, being a cyber space researcher, He has an experience of 4 Years in this field. He has conducted various training session for Corporate and Academic Institution on Cyber safety awareness and Risk Management. From last 4 years he has solved many cases of cyber-crime happening with young students. As an author of tech blog on cyber security, a speaker and a cyber security consultant he is contributing his works and effort on creating an awareness in society to give people a virtual secured life. He always believes in the fact that "Awareness is the only way to make yourself secure and smarter than your smartphone in this digital world.

  • • Hack track – Certified Ethical Hacker (Techdefence, Sunnny Vaghela) 2015
    • Expert in Digital Forensic Investigation ( Charles strut university, Austraila)
    • Recognized badge in Cyber Safety Education ( Google)
    • IIT-Delhi E-cell, IIT-BHU (Ethical Hacking)
    • Awareded in Young Achievers Category, by BLF India.
    • Appreciation Letter from SSP, YMRD(Young Mind Research & Development).

  • • Bihar Police Departments
    • Cyber Cells
    • Reported bug in platforms (Tata sky, Bug crowd)
    • Cyber Safety Advisor to Gopal Jee (Youngest Scientist, NASA)
    • Penetration testing to e-commerce platforms (Pacumed, Kalabindu, etc)


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