Your digital life is on stake.

It's your responsiblity to stay safe

Recent Attacks / Vulnerablity

Technotricky Let's Hack

Technotricky Let's Hack, a learning package for you to learn the art of online protection..
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Security Tips
You are a target to hackers. Whenever you are online some prying eyes is always watching you.
Be careful what you click. Take a pause see the link if it is suspicious than search it on google.
Use a VPN connection, to encrypt your communication whether you’re on a corporate network or a public wired or WiFi network.
Schedule an update once when your vendor releases, it contains all the security patch to make you secure..

About us

Technotricky is a Cyber Space Security Awareness Platform for every human beings who need to protect there virtual life from emerging cyber attacks. In today’s age every working system in world depends on Technology. Everyday a new technology is introduced and Cyber Criminals are finding new ways to crack it. Technotricky is a solution to every individual who wish to make their virtual life secure from these attacks by giving right kind of Information Security Awareness in society.

Our Mission :

Our mission is to make people smarter in this digital age by knowing the various threats and risks in cyber space because the more we know, about threats in advance the more we would be able to protect ourselves from the threats of virtual world.

Our Vision :

We dream a world where all internet users operate on a level enjoying field. We want to encourage the dream of Digital India by providing right kind of ecosystem that make the internet a place where knowledge and services is crafted in a package that is beautiful yet strong, and is completely safe from prying eyes and devious hackers.


A training session to make you smarter in this digital age by giving you the skills to secure your virtual life.

Our E-mag

An active tech blog dedicated to complete all your thirst for updated cyber security articles.
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IT Solutions

We are helping you to establish a secure system in your organisation by doing cyber security auditing. We also build secure IT application to ease your work i.e Websites, Softwares, Smartphone Apps.

Our Trainers

Founder | Technotricky

"Do not buy the techhnology you don't understand. Every devices which is connected to internet is leaking your information."

Team Image

Abhishek Sinha

Abhishek is the Founder of Technotricky and holds a certification in Cyber Security from IIT Delhi E-cell and IIT BHU. Being a self taught cyber space researcher, He has an experience of 3 Years at this field. He has conducted various training session for Corporate and Academic Institution on Cyber safety awareness and Risk Management. From last 3 years he has solved many cases of cyber crime happening with young students. As an author of tech blog on cyber security, a speaker and a cyber security consultant he is contributing his works and effort on creating an awareness in society and to give them a virtual secured life. He always belive in the fact that "Awareness is the only way to make yourself secure and smarter than your smartphone in this digital world."

Co-Founder | Technotricky

"The more you explore yourself, the more you are vulnerable"

Team Image

Ravindra Vaibhav

Vaibhav is working in Cyber Security since 2015, he has pursed his Bachelor of Computer Application from T.N.B. College, Bhagalpur. He holds a Certification of Certified Ethical Hacker from Lucideus. He has an experience of working with IT Risk Assessments and Digital Security Services provider for protecting users Confidential Data from Cyber Attacks. He is one of our team member who is active in reporting and doing penetration testing to various organisations. He has also conducted a number of sessions for Corporate, Police Departments and Academic Institution on Cyber Security Awareness and Risk Management. Continous learning and a passion of knowing more about Cyber Security has immensely helped him to rise in this field.

Our Trainings

Our Trainings are specially designs to meet your need which is required to give u a healthy habit for a safe and secure digital life. Everyday a new technology is on rise and so the attacks. The time has come to prepare your shields. Because it's better to be safe than sorry.

School/College Trainings

2 Days Workshop
Know More
  • Cyber Ethics & responsiblity
  • Trace the predators
  • Cyber Bullying Prevention
  • Latest Trends in Hacking
  • Smartphone Hacking
  • Reverse Engineering
  • And much more...

Corporates Training

8 hr workshop
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  • Safe online practice for organisation
  • Security Myths and Misconceptions
  • Organisations oriented training program
  • Implement a safe cyber securiy strategy


Frequently Asked Questions

Why Technotricky is go for our training?

Technotricky training is a learning package which is specially crafted to deal with the real life incidents of cyber world. We update our course content on regular basis according to current scenario of attacks in the cyber world. Our training aims you to open your third eye to see what actually happens behind those attacks.

What is the need of cyber security training?

When we talk about cyber security, we almost always focus on the newest technology available to combat cyber security risks and threats. Cyber security training is not just for IT personnel but for all people who has access to a computer and the Internet.

What is the eligiblity criteria for attending the workshop?

There is as such no minimum eligiblity to take a specific course. It purely depends upon the interest of the participant.

Is it a government organization?

No, Right now we are not any government or any charity funded organisation. We are working for every single individual to protect them from those prying eyes who is on hunt 24x7 which many of the people still have no idea.

I have a burning question to which i have not yet found the answer. Whom should I ask?

We are here to answer all your queries. write us on email, social pages anywhere you wish. You can find the contact details here...